Mike Slizewski


The Long Hello

by Mike Slizewski & TapWater

Released 2017
Single Thing Records
Released 2017
Single Thing Records
Four songs. One has a New Orleans feel. Well, sort of. One is a children's song. Pretty much. One is a barroom country song. Or nearly so. And one is most definitely a Christmas song. Kind of. Remember, it's never too early to start ignoring Christmas.
The Long Hello
Mike Slizewski with TapWater
Single Thing Records

The Blues Won’t Take You By Surprise (3:30)
Breathe Underwater Like Fish (2:21)
Never Trust Nobody Till They’re Dead (4:37)
Lazy Christmas (4:02)

Words and Music by Mike Slizewski
Produced by Rudy Slizewski
Additional Production by Steve Berlin
Recorded/mixed/engineered by Jason Driver at B-Side Studios, Portland, Oregon in April-May, 2017
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves, Telegraph Mastering, Portland, Oregon

Mike Slizewski: lead vocals, guitar
Rudy Slizewski: marimba, upright piano, Farfisa and Wurlitzer organs, mellotron, tambourine, caixixi, orchestral cymbals, sleigh bells, harmonies
Steve Moore: lap steel, banjo, harmonies
Ravi Laird: ukulele, harmonies
Simon Lucas: drums, harmonies
Don Corey: upright bass
Steve Berlin: Leslie pedal
Mike, Tari, Katie, and Rudy Slizewski and Bubble Princess Nylah Rae Dean, with a special guest appearance by Bubblemaster Debbie Beck: family bubbles
Steven (Slim), Theresa, Trese, Carolyn, and Kaz (Slim) Slizewski, Art Chambers, and Deaf Williams: spaces between the notes
Rondo Fillet: mind control
Heather Dodds: Cover design/graphics

Mike Slizewski of Yreka, California, longtime songwriter, performer, and Bar Chords founder/bandleader, also serves as tribal administrator for the Quartz Valley Indian Reservation in the beautifully remote mountains of far northern California.

Purveyor of world twang music, Portland, Oregon-based TapWater is Rudy Slizewski, Steve Moore, Ravi Laird, Simon Lucas, and Don Corey.

© 2017 Mike Slizewski